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Vitrectomy Units

Vitrectomy Units : Post Operative Posturing Aids
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UK MAIN LAND HIRE ONLY Introducing the Massage Table Store Vitrectomy Support Units range. Massage Table Store with it's partners Oakworks are able to supply you with a comfortable, modern solution to your needs when you go through the Face Down recovery following Surgery. Oakworks offer the ultimate in comfort, therefore you know you have invested in the best! Oakworks' bespoke sleep units have been designed especially for vitrectomy recovery, who believe that your health and safety is paramount. Other sleep systems available on the market (e.g. professional massage tables) are not suitable for your safe recovery, therefore accept nothing but the best; rest assured with Massage Table Store in partnership with Oakworks.

UK MAINLAND HIRE ONLY Why Face Down Recovery?

The macula is the small part of the retina responsible for central vision. A tear or hole in the macula impairs a person's ability to see. Many activities, including reading and writing, may become nearly impossible. Face down recovery is essential to the healing process, when the condition is operated on.

This condition arises when the vitreous (the jelly-like substance which fills the inner eye) becomes condensed and fibrous. The fibres often bond to the macula, and when they shrink, they exert a pulling force. A hole is opened, and the surrounding tissue peels away from the eye, causing a loss of central vision.

To repair the macular hole, the surgeon removes the vitreous and replaces it with a gas bubble. The bubble is meant to rise and apply pressure to the area in need of healing. Since the macula is at the back of the eye, the gas bubble will only aid healing if the patient remains with their face down.

During the ensuing weeks, the afflicted eye will begin to heal, the macula will re-bond to the eye wall, and as the gas bubble is absorbed by the eye it will be replaced by clear aqueous fluid which your eye produces at all times.

Macular hole surgery is an easy, painless procedure with a successful track record of improving or virtually restoring vision. The real challenge for you while you're recovering is dealing with the monotony, stress and discomfort of a 22-24 hour-a-day face down post-operative position until the gas bubble is absorbed - usually over a 2 to 3 week period, although this can vary depending on your surgeons instructions.

Massage Table Store can help. Using Oakworks ergonomic Vitrectomy Support Systems you are able to comply with the strict positioning required, while comfortably pursuing many normal activities and getting the rest you need at night.



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